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Join Us June 3-4, 2023

Workshop Experience Weekend

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Understanding Soil 2-1 (1).png

Understanding Soils

with Annie Novak

Saturday, June 3, 10a - 11:30a

Explore the fundamentals and improve your understanding of soil composition, soil testing, and characteristics of healthy organic matter.

Aubrey-1 (2).png

Celebrating Movement

with Aubrey Lynch

Saturday, June 3, 10a - 11:30a

Former Alvin Ailey Principal Dancer and Associate Producer of The Lion King Aubrey Lynch is back, teaching this popular workshop.

Geologic History Walk 3.jpg

Geologic History Walk
on Taconic Ridge

with Ben DiMatteo

Saturday, June 3, 10a - 11:30a

Take a guided hike and learn about the beautiful natural diversity and geologic history of the Taconic Mountains.

Mastering Composting-1 (1).png

Mastering Composting

with Annie Novak

Saturday, June 3, 1p - 2:30p

Build a foundational understanding of composting practices.

Desert Terrarium 2-1 (2).png

Make A Desert Terrarium

with Ben DiMatteo

Saturday, June 3, 1p - 3p

Learn how to make an open desert terrarium with a selection of succulents and a unique sand-sculpture aesthetic.

COOPERING 2-1 (1).png

The Process & Cultural Heritage of an Ancient Trade

with John Cox

Sunday, June 4, 11a - 12:30p

Learn about the trade of coopering and the process for building barrels and tanks using traditional methods.

Bonsai Workshop-1 (1).png

Bonsai Making Workshop

with Shuto Mine & Matthew Puntigam

Sunday, June 4, 11a - 12:30p

Learn basic bonsai techniques to start transforming plants into bonsai with the owners of Dandy Farmer.

Houseplant Care & Propagation copy 2-1.png

Houseplant Care & Propogation

with Ben DiMatteo

Sunday, June 4, 11a - 12:30p

Learn about propagation via cuttings and seeds and various houseplant care techniques.

This is one of more than 30 events that are part of The Workshop Experience Weekend, Jun 3-4, 2023, in and around Hillsdale, NY. Join us to learn from experts in crafting, cooking, nature, gardening, floristry, textile arts and more. Browse the entire program, or visit

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