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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many guests can you accommodate for a wedding?


A: Our venue capacity is 200 though seating in the barn is limited to 150.  For groups larger than 150, guests can dine outside open-air or under a tent.

Q: How many people can you accommodate with lodging?

A: 16. Lodging includes the main house (6 bedrooms, sleeps up to 12) plus the cottage (2 bedrooms, sleeps up to 4).

Q: Do you provide catering?  Do you allow outside caterers?

A: We do not provide catering but can provide a list of preferred caterers.  We do require that you work with a full-service catering company that has a liquor license. We do not allow use of house or cottage kitchens for catering prep or storage.

Q: Do you have tables and chairs that we can use for ceremony and dinner?

A: Yes. We have an assortment of farm tables, benches  and wooden folding chairs that are included in the fee. (Some restrictions apply.)

Q: Do you have parking available?

A: We do.  We can accommodate approximately 55 cars through the use of a lot located at the entrance plus some parking near the house and cottage.

Q: Is there nearby lodging for all of our guests?

A: There are plenty of great hotel and Airbnb accommodations close to Taconic Ridge Farm, including our own Noble House, which can accommodate up to 16.  A list of lodging options is included with our recommended vendor list.

Q: Can we tour the property?

A: Yes!  Please contact us at to arrange a time.

Q:  Can TRF provide staff to help run my event?

A: We do not provide any event coordination services, but included in your facility rental fee are up to 2-3 people to help with facility coordination. This includes making sure furniture is set, keeping bathrooms clean, assisting with parking, driving the golf cart, etc. on the day of the event. 

Q: Do you have a changing room?

A: Two of the bedrooms in the main house have separate seating areas and ensuite bathrooms and make great prep locations.  The cottage is also often used for prep.  

Q:  Can Taconic Ridge Farm accept deliveries and be on hand for pickups before and after my event?  

A: We ask that vendors have a four hour delivery window on the day before and after the event.  We will have a Facility Manager onsite during those times.

Q:  Who will set up my event space?  

A: Any tables, chairs, decor, or furniture items that are being provided by Taconic Ridge Farm will be put in place on the day of the event by our staff.  Set up of rental items or decorations from outside vendors or the client is the responsibility of the client, their planner, or the providing vendor.

Q: What is the restroom situation for our event guests?

A: Clients are required to rent a restroom trailer for the event for any group larger than 50.

Q: Do you have more than one event at a time?

A: No.  We only accommodate one group at a time.

Q: May we have a DJ or a band?

A: Both DJ’s and bands are allowed but, if amplified, must be located in the barn.  Some exceptions can be made for ceremony or cocktail reception.

Q: Do you require insurance?

A: Special Event Liability Insurance is required of all Clients.  If alcohol is to be served, the policy must include Host Liquor Liability coverage.  Rates for insurance are reasonable and we can recommend providers. Established catering services may use their license and insurance to cover this requirement.

Q: Is the barn climate controlled?

A:  We do not have heating or air conditioning for the barn at this time.  With the windows and doors open and ceiling fans on, we find that most days are very comfortable during the summer months.  Heating and cooling units are available through rental companies.

Q: What are the timing constraints?

A: Guest arrival time for ceremony can be no earlier than 3pm.  Live music needs to end at 10pm and the barn will be closed by 11p.  However, the party can continue in the Pavilion and the bonfire area.  We ask that noise be kept to a minimum after 10p.

Q: Who handles cleanup during and after my event? 


A: TRF staff will keep restrooms clean during your event. The caterer will be in charge of food and beverage related trash cleanup.

Q: Who is responsible for garbage?

A: There will be a 6 yard container on the property that you and your caterer are free to use.  Most events do not exceed this capacity.  However, depending on decor and other events planned throughout your stay, additional or a larger container may be required.  We ask that vendors do no leave any packing materials on site.

Q: What is the rain backup plan for my outdoor ceremony?

A: We highly recommend that you have a tent rental on standby. 

Q: Do you require a Wedding Planner?

A: A wedding is a very complex event with lots of moving parts.  We don't want anything to interfere with your enjoyment of the day and we want it to go off exactly as you planned.  It is in your best interest to have a planner to handle those responsibilities.  We require that you have a 'Week Of' wedding planner at the very least, but find couples have the most success with a full planning service.  They are key to coordinating vendors, timing, guest issues, etc.  The wedding planner can not be a guest at your wedding.

Q: Does Taconic Ridge Farm provide any sound gear?

A: We do not.  We have a simple microphone and small amplifier that you are welcome to use for the ceremony, but DJ's or bands should bring their own equipment.


Q: Can I host a rehearsal dinner or brunch on the property?

A: There are endless possible additional events and activations you can organize and schedule as part of your weekend.  Any event over 16 people needs to be planned with TRF in advance and will be quoted based on details.  

Q: How do I secure my date and what is the payment schedule?

A: To secure your date, we require a 20% deposit along with a signed contract. Half of the remainder is due 5 months prior to the event and the last half is due 3 months prior.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: We accept payments via check or credit card.  If you do pay with a credit card, we add a 3% transaction fee.

Q: Can we bring our own alcohol?

A: NY State liquor laws require that your caterer has a valid liquor license and is responsible for alcohol distribution during service.  You would need to work with them to determine who provides the alcohol. 

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